Dealers' Room
Dealers' Room Registration Form (PDF File)

Business Name Category Website
Angelwear Creations Jewelry
Another Grungy Hole-in-the-Wall (A.G.H.I.T.W) Bookstore Used SF
Art Vaughan’s Used Books Used SF
Artist for Hire Portraits

Auntie Arwen’s Spices

Hutnik’s Used Books

Gemstones, Spices,
Fudge, Used SF
Author Guy New SF, mysteries, other books
Bulfinche’s Pub Literary Road Show New SF, art books, magazines
Dark Quest Books
Sidhe na Daire
New SF
Dragon’s Lair sculpture, stuffed animals, tee shirts, calendars
Enchanted Glen
Steampunk - hats, corsets,
canes, goggles, parasols

Fantastic Voyages

Shuttered Lamp Publishers

collectable SF, mysteries, New SF
Flying Coyote netsuke, animal books, jewelry
Fox Acre Press New & Used SF, art books, other books
Griffon’s Claw Armoury weapons, jewelry
Honeck Sculptures bronze sculpture, cats, jewelry, doorknockers, etc etc etc
Hour Glass Creations costumes, dichroic glass jewelry, tee shirts
Janet Kofoed Jewelry jewelry
Larry Smith Books New SF, mysteries
Niekas magazines
Offworld Designs tee shirts
Poison Pen Press New costume books, historic cookbooks, fantasy, murder mysteries
Science Fiction Worlds of Michael D’Ambrosio New SF, other books
Sense of Wonder Books jewelry, books
SF Continuum Manga, Anime, DVDs


Fantastic Books

New & Used SF, other books
Terminus Publishing New & Used SF, mysteries, magazines, ancient coins,