$1.98 Costume Workshop                                                Bartell

Friday            4:00 PM            -            6:00 PM

A Lunacon Tradition!  Two-hour Workshop!  Take whatever random crafts you have lying around and make a fantastic costume!  Workshop panelist will also give tips on ways to cut costuming costs with everyday materials!

Kathleen O'Shea David [M], Laurel Cunningham Hill, Joe Neidbala


So This Is Your First Con                                                Birch

Friday            4:00 PM            -            5:00 PM

Health (and Sanity!) related issues for new attendees.

Chris Bell, Lois Fitzpatrick, Dennis McCunney [M], Ben Yalow


Return of the King                                                Maple

Friday            5:00 PM            -            6:00 PM

The movies came out and revolutionized the way the public views genre in the mainstream, but isn't it time to get back to the basics?  Who influenced Tolkein?  How is Tolkein's work continuing to shape genre fiction of today?   Was he really the father of fantasy, or are we conveniently forgetting his contemporaries?

Louis Epstein, jan howard finder, Leigh Grossman, Daniel Grotta [M]


What Might Have Been                                                Odelle

Friday            5:00 PM            -            6:00 PM

Do you start with an event and work forward or do you envision a different world and then figure out where it changed. Can you move past the current date and still call it alternate "history"?

Ellen Asher, Carole Bugge, Laura Anne Gilman [M], Dennis McCunney


Geeky Like Us                                                Westchester D4

Friday            5:00 PM            -            6:00 PM

Many mainstream shows are now portraying the geek as humorous protagonist: Chuck, Better off Ted, and Big Bang Theory, to name a few. Does this show a mainstream culture that's becoming more accepting of geekery, or is it just one more way to poke fun at us? Just how geeky are they, anyway? Is this an accurate mirror they're holding up to us?

Charles Gannon, Helen Keier, Toni Lay [M], Lenny J. Provenzano


How NOT to get published                                                Westchester D6

Friday            5:00 PM            -            6:00 PM

Tips on submissions, contacting agents, and all the other myriad challenges that face an aspiring author. What works, what doesn't, and what will work against you completely.

Peter V. Brett, Chris Evans [M], Violet Haberdasher, Josepha Sherman


Devil in the Details                                                Bartell

Friday            7:00 PM            -            8:00 PM

Understanding copyright, contracts, and other business esoterica that influence a writer's potential for success.

Joshua Bilmes, Neil Clarke, John Douglas, Sally Wiener Grotta [M]


The History of the Book                                                Birch

Friday            7:00 PM            -            8:00 PM

Panelists discuss the paradigm shift we're undergoing right now, as the format of the book changes to a whole new medium. As we look forward to see where we're going, they remind us where we come from.

Mary Aileen Buss [M], Helen Green, Michael Walsh


Keeping Your Readers on the Edge of Their Seats                                                Poplar

Friday            7:00 PM            -            8:00 PM

A thriller keeps you on the edge of your seat (assuming you're reading in a chair), while crossing many genre lines.  What makes a thriller a thriller and how do you write a distinctly thrilling novel?  How many times can this description say thriller?

Carole Bugge [M], Ty Drago, Marvin Kaye, Jonathan Maberry


Beyond Pokemon: A Parents' Guide to Kids' Anime                                                Westchester D4

Friday            7:00 PM            -            8:00 PM

Are you tired of hearing "PIKACHU, I CHOOSE YOU?" Do you find yourself bewildered by the anime DVD aisle and afraid you'll accidentally pick up something with too much sex, violence or tentacles for your grade-schooler? We'll talk about family-friendly anime your kids can safely watch and that hopefully won't drive YOU crazy as well.

Chris Bell, Christina Di Donato, Alfonse A. Di Donato Jr., Kim Kindya [M]


The Worm Ouroborous                                                Maple

Friday            8:00 PM            -            9:00 PM

Fantasy as a genre seems to have some specific formulas that designate a piece  as "fantasy". How were these rules developed? How are they enforced? How have these rules been broken? How can you use these rules to your advantage? Is it all being recycled, or is there room for new ideas in the genre?

Sam Butler [M], Jim Freund, Jeff Lyman, Darrell Schweitzer


How to Bid at an Art Show Auction                                                Poplar

Friday            8:00 PM            -            11:00 PM

Learn how to bid at an art show auction, and win. A panel for both artists and buyers alike

jan howard finder, Harold Stein


Podcasting 101                                                Bartell

Friday            9:00 PM            -            10:00 PM

Podcasting is increasing in popularity, and could be a great way for you to reach a wider audience. Our panelists discuss how to start your own podcast and the nitty-gritty details, from the technical, monetary, hosting, and of course, the do's and don'ts.

Kathryn Baker [M], Brandy Hauman, Gail Z. Martin, Dan Persons


Writing Fanfiction                                                Birch

Friday            9:00 PM            -            10:00 PM

Learn what to do and what not to do when writing fanfiction

Nuance Bryant, Violet Haberdasher,  Diane Kovalcin [M], Kathy Sands


Comics as Ethical Literature                                                Maple

Friday            9:00 PM            -            10:00 PM

When people think of comics, they generally think of violence, superpowers, and big-busted women. However, is there is room in the genre for moral quandaries and ethical questions, wedged somewhere between the leather catsuits and the spandex uniforms? Is so, are they the domain of independent comics, or can major titles like X-Men and Superman address those issues, too? Which is more important--spreading a message or staying in business?

Alexandra Elizabeth Honigsberg, Hal Johnson [M], Andrew Wheeler, Alex Wittenberg


Medical SF&F                                                Odelle

Friday            9:00 PM            -            10:00 PM

Bacta tanks? Healing microbes? Nanites? Just how plausible is the medicine in SF&F? How well is most medicine handled in the genre novels we read? Are these medicines and treatments that may become feasible one day, or just the result of fevered imaginations?

Amy Chused [M], Lawrence Kramer, Perrianne Lurie, James Prego


Settling Space. . . Someday                                                Westchester D4

Friday            9:00 PM            -            10:00 PM

Where we are, where we're going.  With funding for space research on the short list for budget cuts every year, it seems we're farther from space than we were 40 years ago.  Can private enterprise bridge the gap or are we just wishing on the stars?

Christopher Carson, Bill Engfer,  jan howard finder, Charles Gannon [M]


Read the Movie, See the Book                                                Bartell

Friday            10:00 PM            -            11:00 PM

Why do some novels and stories make great movies? Which ones don't, or didn't? Was that a fault of the book, or the movie-maker? How much can/should a movie be faithful to the book? Can a movie be "better" than the book it's based on?

Russell J. Handelman, Dan Persons [M], Charlie Spickler, Sue Toker


Television Of The Future                                                Westchester D4

Friday            10:00 PM            -            11:00 PM

What's the future of network and cable television? How will YouTube and Hulu and other websites changed the way television shows are broadcast and viewed? What will the future of advertising in this medium look like?

Seth Breidbart, Diane Kovalcin, Brandy Hauman [M]


Body-Swapping and the Complications of Consent                                                Bartell

Friday            11:00 PM            -

In Stargate: Universe, the characters have been shown engaging in certain behaviors while housed in the bodies of other people. These behaviors include drinking, eating, even having sex while using someone else's body. Considering there is no mention of a consent form or waiver, does that make such activities akin to assault? While body-hopping brings a whole new dimension for exploring and experimenting sexually, it opens a whole new dimension of concerns as well. Panelists examine both how the incident was handled in the show and also the wider implications therein.

Nuance Bryant [M], Cathleen Townsend, Shara Zoll


From Avatar to Zatoichi: Disability in SFF and Fandom                                                Birch

Saturday            10:00 AM            -            11:00 AM

In genre fiction, physical disabilities are often portrayed as a signifier for something greater: an outward manifestation of their soul or psyche, a compensation for a greater metaphysical power, or a way to show technology overcoming physical limitations. But these depictions do not match current reality. How do these literary treatments resonate with disabled fans? How does being disabled figure into fannish activities? What are conventions doing right to make cons more accessible to everyone and what still needs to be fixed?

Saul Jaffe, Edmund Meskys [M], Katherine Peveler


Digital Art Techniques                                                Poplar

Saturday            10:00 AM            -            11:00 AM

Discuss digital art techniques and the use of your computer, as well as other digital tools in creating your art.

Alan F. Beck, Jim Belfiore, Joseph Bellofatto [M], Ric Frane


Staying Safe at Conventions                                                Town of Rye 2

Saturday            10:00 AM            -            11:00 AM

Cons are meant to be safe spaces, where fen can connect with one another and geek out about their myriad interests without being judged for it. While we are a community drawn together by a common love of genre books and media, a convention is still a gathering of strangers and there are certain steps we can all take to make sure that Lunacon is fun and friendly while remaining safe.

Kathleen O'Shea David, Elizabeth Glover [M], Allison Lonsdale, Cathleen Townsend


Will Write For Dice                                                Westchester D6

Saturday            10:00 AM            -            11:00 AM

So you wrote a game or module for an existing game... What's the next step?  Can you just send it straight to your favorite game publisher?   Should you camp on Steve Jackson's doorstep?   What are realistic steps for getting started writing for the gaming industry?  Should you borrow money from you friends and strike out on your own?  (Is this one time the self-pub press actually works?)

Kevin DiVico [M], Charles Gannon, Mike McPhail, Aaron Rosenberg


Stage Presentation and Stage Presence                                                Bartell

Saturday            11:00 AM            -            12:00 PM

It's not just about the costume, it's about style!  This workshop is designed to help you make the best presentation for your costume and for you, on stage.

Byron P. Connell, John Hertz, Toni Lay [M]


How Did You Get Hooked                                                Birch

Saturday            11:00 AM            -            12:00 PM

There's more to anime than sentai teams and creepy tentacles. Anime has a rich tradition of bringing literature to life, as it were, and providing thought-provoking commentary about modern-day life. Whether it's Miyazaki's Howl's Moving Castle or the manga adaptations of Shakespeare, our panelists explore the link between literature and anime.

Christopher Carson, Amy Goldschlager [M], Brandy Hauman, Alexandra Elizabeth Honigsberg


Working Without a Net: Business and Personal Planning for Creative Professionals                                                Westchester D6

Saturday            11:00 AM            -            12:00 PM

Advice and suggestions for writers and artists on managing and organizing their finances and activities, especially for those without the "safety net" of corporate benefits.

Sally Wiener Grotta, Russell J. Handelman [M], Peter Liverakos, Susan Shwartz


The Year in Comics                                                Birch

Saturday            12:00 PM            -            1:00 PM

Looking at 2009 in the comics industry. What was good, what was bad, and everything else you need to know.

James Chambers [M], Hal Johnson, Ahlen Moin, Pamela Scoville


A Little Glass Vial                                                Maple

Saturday            12:00 PM            -            1:00 PM

Ladies and good gentlemen, welcome to the show! If you'd like to learn more about the showing and shadowcast of Repo! The Genetic Opera (or just want to discuss how awesome it is), this is the panel for you!

Susan de Guardiola, Misty Pendragon, James Prego [M]


Muses and Mediums                                                Westchester D6

Saturday            12:00 PM            -            1:00 PM

Discussion on where we get our ideas and the mediums we use to bring them to life.

Charlene D'Alessio, Wendy Frane, Theresa Mather [M], Margaret Organ-Kean


Faith and Belief in Fandom                                                Bartell

Saturday            1:00 PM            -            2:00 PM

SFF and your religious beliefs. Are religion and fandom inherently antagonistic? Does telling someone in fandom that you're religious automatically lead to shunning? Does this mean fandom's not as open-minded and tolerant as we'd like to think?

Alexandra Elizabeth Honigsberg, Lawrence Kramer [M], Jenifer Rosenberg, Jeff Warner


They Shoot Costumes, Don't They?                                                Poplar

Saturday            1:00 PM            -            2:00 PM

A photographer and Master Class costumers demonstrate how to pose and how to get better photographs. Slide show of examples and live demo.

Diane Kovalcin, Lenny J. Provenzano [M], Sue Toker


Where Have All the Amazons Gone?                                                 Odelle

Saturday            2:00 PM            -            3:00 PM

In the 70s we had Charlie's Angels, Wonder Woman, and the Bionic Woman. The 80s gave us Ellen Ripley, and the 90s, Xena and Buffy. Where is an action-oriented, female lead in today's visual media?

jan howard finder,  Wendy Frane, Elizabeth Glover [M], Ron Goulart


Digital Photography                                                Poplar

Saturday            2:00 PM            -            3:00 PM

Digital photography -- it's not about the technology, it's all about preserving future memories. A discussion of the best methods for taking and preserving your best photos.

Sally Wiener Grotta, Daniel Grotta [M], Scott Lefton, Lenny J. Provenzano


The Doctor is In                                                Town of Rye 2

Saturday            2:00 PM            -            3:00 PM

With a new doctor in the TARDIS and a new director at the helm, big changes are coming to Doctor Who. Was Rusty a brilliant if somewhat misunderstood director or a hack? Can Moffat bring it back up in popularity or is it doomed already? Is the new doctor even old enough to shave yet? Both a retrospective on what has come before and a look towards the future, our panelists will talk about just what the New Who has in store.

Jim Freund, Toni Lay [M], Misty Pendragon, Lisa Sullivan


Writer Hack Thyself                                                Westchester D4

Saturday            2:00 PM            -            3:00 PM

Medications and their side-effects can alter your mood, drive, and technical abilities, often for the worse.  Can the reverse also be true?  Writers and health professionals share their experiences and ideas for how to cope with the often unexpected effects of medicinal intervention.

James Prego [M], Ef Deal, Helen Keier, Jean Elizabeth Krevor


Creating Your Own Sandbox                                                Westchester D6

Saturday            2:00 PM            -            3:00 PM

World-building in your sci-fi/fantasy writing. Geography, society, language... how detailed do you get?

Sam Butler [M], Michael D'Ambrosio, Teel James Glenn, Michele Lang


Borrowing From the Past                                                Maple

Saturday            3:00 PM            -            4:00 PM

Researching and utilizing historical material for your novel. How much research is too much? What sources to use, what to believe, and what not to use? What can/should/can't/shouldn't be "altered" for the sake of the story? What have other authors gotten right or wrong?

Chris Evans, Esther Friesner, Russell J. Handelman, Susan Shwartz


Drawing Demo                                                Westchester Assembly East

Saturday            3:00 PM            -            4:00 PM

A group drawing demo.

Joseph Bellofatto, Wendy Frane


Broad Universe Rapid Fire Readings                                                Elija Budd

Saturday            4:00 PM            -            5:00 PM

Broad Universe is an international organization with the primary goal of promoting science fiction, fantasy, and horror written by women. This reading open and available to any official member at the con, with a 5-10 minute reading and a Q&A at the end.

Gail Z. Martin [M], Roberta Rogow


Year in Computing                                                Odelle

Saturday            4:00 PM            -            5:00 PM

What were this year's awesome breakthroughs in computers?

Seth Breidbart, Matthew Kressel, Eric S. Raymond [M], Robert Rosenberg



Apocalypse THEN                                                Town of Rye 2

Saturday            4:00 PM            -            5:00 PM

The end of the world has been foretold for millennia. Whether it's been posited as Ragnarok, Armageddon, or a nuclear holocaust, the idea that the world could be destroyed hovers in our consciousness. How has the idea of the end of the world shifted over time? How is it portrayed in literature and media now, versus its portrayal ten, twenty, or thirty years ago? Or even further still? And what does that change say about us?

Chris Evans [M], John Hertz, Kim Paffenroth, Karen Sullivan


Frightening the Reader                                                Birch

Saturday            5:00 PM            -            6:00 PM

Horror is the struggle of the ordinary over the extraordinary. So where'd all the blood come from? What are the current trends in horror fiction and what keeps us up at night?

Carole Bugge [M], Gary Frank, Neal Levin, Hildy Silverman


Solving Plot Problems                                                Bartell

Saturday            6:00 PM            -            7:00 PM

A workshop for writers. Bring your knotty plot problems in need of solutions.

Alexis Gilliland, Leigh Grossman [M], Gail Z. Martin, Roger MacBride Allen


...And Not a Brain to Eat                                                Poplar

Saturday            6:00 PM            -            7:00 PM

Zombies are over-running the literary and media worlds. Why are we so fascinated by them? Why do so many people find them terrifying? What is it that they represent to us? Most importantly, what do we do if the real world is next?

Scott Grimando [M], Jonathan Maberry, Kim Paffenroth, Stella Price


Movie Makers' Studio                                                Bartell

Saturday            7:00 PM            -            8:00 PM

Bringing ideas to the screen, an insider's perspective on filmmaking.  An open forum discussion with professionals from both sides of the lens.

Charlie Spickler [M], Teel James Glenn, Susan Palermo, Edward X. Young


Writing Across Genre Lines                                                Maple

Saturday            7:00 PM            -            8:00 PM

Combining genres in one book gives an author enormous versatility. What makes a good cross-genre work and what do you call it when you're done?

Roger MacBride Allen, Carole Bugge, Michele Lang, Jonathan Maberry


Comic Book Crossovers                                                Birch

Saturday            8:00 PM            -            9:00 PM

Everyone knows that adapting books for the big screen takes some skill. But not everyone realizes that adapting books for comics is just as demanding. But it's not just books that make the cross, either. TV shows and movies are being adapted and expanded as comic book series as well. Panelists discuss both the process of these adaptations and why they're worth doing.

Keith DeCandido [M], Glenn Hauman, C.J. Henderson, Hal Johnson


Build a Better Beating                                                Odelle

Saturday            9:00 PM            -            10:00 PM

How to create believable fights scenes in works of fiction.

Teel James Glenn [M], Violet Haberdasher,  Mike McPhail, Jonathan Maberry


The Great Divide: Digital vs. Traditional Art                                                Birch

Sunday            10:00 AM            -            11:00 AM

With the sophistication and advancements in digital art technology, are the days of more traditional approach in illustration numbered? People who can't draw a stick figure to save their lives can now create Whelan-esque vistas with incredible depth and composition, but is it really art?

Alan F. Beck, Jim Belfiore [M], Joseph Bellofatto


Obligatory Harry Potter Panel                                                Grand North

Sunday            10:00 AM            -            11:00 AM

Like we'd let a convention go without talking about Harry Potter, especially with only two movies left to go! What's happened so far, and what do we expect in the future? And, most importantly, what do we do when it's over?

Toni Lay [M], Lisa Sullivan, Sue Toker, Cathleen Townsend


Support Your Fantasy Regime                                                Maple

Sunday            10:00 AM            -            11:00 AM

So much of fantasy is filled with western style feudalism. Why does fantasy explore alternate forms of governing less than science fiction? Why so much of fantasy lit is about overthrowing usurpers and finding/restoring the rightful heir, or fighting off "changes," or the passing of the "old order" to something less gracious. And is this necessarily a bad thing?

Marc Bilgrey, Esther Friesner, Russell J. Handelman, Susan Shwartz [M]


Alien Biology: How Weird Can it Get?                                                Westchester D4

Sunday            10:00 AM            -            11:00 AM

Given how varied the biochemistry of life can be on THIS planet, how might the biology of other worlds differ from ours, and why? What kind of environments would lead to differing forms? If not DNA, then what? Would we have to worry about cross-infection, or would our bodies be too different to even worry about?  Will we even know intelligent life when we meet it?

Charles Gannon [M], Helen Keier, Lawrence Kramer, Perianne Lurie


Book Promoting for the Broke                                                Westchester D6

Sunday            10:00 AM            -            11:00 AM

How to sell your book on a limited promotion budget. Learn how to promote your book in an ever-changing world. No secrets here, just tips and tools to make you a better promoter, even without the big bucks.

Michele Lang [M], Jonathan Maberry, Gail Z. Martin, Stella Price


Covetous Dragons:  Fans and Their Hordes                                                Birch

Sunday            11:00 AM            -            12:00 PM

Fans and their preciouses. The ins and outs of collecting, by fans who know how to do it. How to tell junk from treasure, and how to take care of it so it remains treasure. Most importantly, how to keep your collectibles safe from rampaging zombies, evil alien overlords, and just your run-of-the-mill natural disasters.

Dominick Corrado, Jean Elizabeth Krevor, Darrell Schweitzer [M], Michael Walsh


Joss Whedon: Who's To Blame?                                                Grand North

Sunday            11:00 AM            -            12:00 PM

Buffy. Firefly. Dollhouse. Fox and Joss Whedon have had a long and bumpy history together. So when Fox canceled Dollhouse during its second season, fans said it was simply more of the same. Yet, the question must be asked: was this all (or even mostly) Fox's fault? Or did Joss himself fumble the ball with this one? Was America really that unready for the show Joss envisioned, or was the show just not ready for TV?

Ariel Cinii, Misty Pendragon [M], Alex Wittenberg, Batya Wittenberg


Knowing Your Place: The Role of a Tie-In Writer                                                Odelle

Sunday            11:00 AM            -            12:00 PM

You may be the writer, but you're not the license holder, and that means you have to set your ego--and sometimes your narrative--aside. Is it possible to write tie-ins and still maintain creative control, even a little? Are media tie-ins and fanfiction just two sides of the same coin?

Keith DeCandido, Bob Greenberger [M], Glenn Hauman, Aaron Rosenberg


Onward to Glory!                                                Westchester D6

Sunday            11:00 AM            -            12:00 PM

Why does the military SF sub-genre seem to get a bad rap?  What are the great reads we're missing out on?  Is there more to it than just titanic battles between dynamic forces, led by strapping young heroes?

Susan Shwartz,  Mike McPhail [M], Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Roger MacBride Allen


Basing Your Fiction on an RPG                                                Maple

Sunday            12:00 PM            -            1:00 PM

It's always tempting to take a gaming experience and turn that into a piece of fiction, but few can do so successfully. How do you avoid the problems with doing so?

Leigh Grossman, Mike McPhail [M], KT Pinto, Michael A. Ventrella


Steampunk Is The New Old                                                Poplar

Sunday            12:00 PM            -            1:00 PM

Steampunk seems to really speak to some people, and is growing in popularity- it's a fashion style, a sub-genre of literature, a respected art style, even a culture. Why is steampunk so popular right now? After this discussion, Artist Guest of Honor Theresa Mather will present a slideshow of steampunk pieces.

Kathleen O'Shea David [M], Susan de Guardiola, Theresa Mather


Stargate: Then and Now                                                Town of Rye 2

Sunday            12:00 PM            -            1:00 PM

Stargate: Universe--billed as Stargate: Voyager, critics of the show claim it's more like Stargate: Enterprise. The ship may be stranded at the other end of the universe, but so is our interest. Or is it? Panelists look at the Stargate franchise, from the original series up through the first season of Universe. Does it fit with the feel of the show as a whole? Can it measure up? Or are we doomed to watch Colonel Young wishing for O'Neill?

Lawrence Kramer [M], Stella Price, Lenny J. Provenzano, Shara Zoll


De-costuming                                                Bartell

Sunday            1:00 PM            -            2:00 PM

A guide to fashion for the hopelessly fannish. Wearing red doesn’t always mean you’ll be the first to die, lightsabers and bat'leths are almost never appropriate dinnerwear accessories, and just because you work at the renaissance faire doesn’t mean you can wear a kilt out on the town. What fen wear out and what it says to the people around them.

Paul Calhoun [M], Byron P. Connell, Sue Toker, David Weingart


Geeks with Kids                                                Birch

Sunday            1:00 PM            -            2:00 PM

It's hard enough balancing a fannish lifestyle with the demands of your regular nine-to-five existence, adding kids to the mix makes it that much harder. How do fannish parents juggle it all without going crazy? What are some of the unique challenges of raising a second-, third-, or even fourth-generation fan? And will teaching your baby Klingon before he can walk really doom him to a dateless existence?

Kathleen O'Shea David [M], Alfonse A. Di Donato Jr., Lee Gilliland, Jenifer Rosenberg


Uniting Geeks and Fitness                                                Odelle

Sunday            1:00 PM            -            2:00 PM

Wiifit, martial arts, belly dancing, DDR, etc... Combining your fitness with fandom! Whether for adults or for kids, these all make for excellent motivators to get the geeks in our lives to move and exercise, creating a healthier tomorrow.

Amy Chused, Lynn E. Cohen Koehler, KT Pinto [M], Jim Prego


Diversity in SF&F                                                Town of Rye 2

Sunday            1:00 PM            -            2:00 PM

Are minorities being given fair representation in print? Is this even an issue? What are the best ways for a publication to broaden its range of authors and to reach out beyond its comfort zone? Why are book covers still uniformly "white-washed"?   Are things like the new Hugo guidelines, LAMBDA awards, and the Locus all-women magazine going the the right direction?

Nuance Bryant, Rosemary Edghill


SIGMA: the SF Think Tank                                                Westchester D6

Sunday            1:00 PM            -            2:00 PM

Science fiction in the national interest. SIGMA is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the understanding of the future and the long-term consequences of government actions.  Go to www.sigmaforum.org for a better look.

Charles Gannon (M), Peter Heck


What's in a Name                                                Birch

Sunday            2:00 PM            -            3:00 PM

What you call someone, or something, can be evocative before you even get to describing them!   The agonizing process of choosing just the right name.  Do you use different methods for place names?  People?  Flora and fauna?

Rosemary Edghill, Michele Lang [M], Neal Levin, Jeff Lyman


Listening to Science Fiction on the Way to Work                                                Maple

Sunday            2:00 PM            -            3:00 PM

The state of audio sf -- readings, radio, podcasts, audiobooks, etc   -or- Where can you find great audio fiction and podcasts? A discussion on the state of audio science fiction. Where can you find great audio fiction and podcasts?

Kathryn Baker, Neil Clarke, Jim Freund [M]


Emma Frost: Disney Princess?                                                Westchester D4

Sunday            2:00 PM            -            3:00 PM

It was the announcement heard 'round the comic shop: Disney was buying Marvel and the rights to every Marvel character. Immediately, the internet explodes as panicked fans debated if Mickey was going to be the newest member of the Avengers or if Marvel was going to have to make sure all its titles were appropriate material for children under ten. The merger was completed at the end of December, with no obvious effects, but only time will tell. Were these rumors nothing more than fans' vaunted fear of change, or will the Phoenix come back only after getting love's first kiss.

Joshua Bilmes [M], Peter V. Brett, Lynn E. Cohen Koehler, Jonathan Maberry


The Future of Genre Fiction Magazines                                                Westchester D6

Sunday            2:00 PM            -            3:00 PM

Genre magazines have been a vital lifeline for science fiction and fantasy authors to get their work to the public. But in a changing world increasingly filed with technology, what does the future hold? Which magazines are likely to survive the economic downturn, and why? Are there still enough readers out there to keep these magazines publishing?

Neil Clark, Edmund Meskys, Hildy Silverman [M]


Avatar: Love it or Leave it?                                                Town of Rye 2

Sunday            3:00 PM            -            4:00 PM

Some loved it, some hated it. What made it great and what brought it down? Is Avatar the greatest movie ever made, or was it just a CGI-filled version of Pocahontas? What did we love about it, and what did we hate?

Kathryn Baker [M], Marilyn Brahen, Ariel Cinii, Jeff Warner


Online Communities and the Real World                                                Westchester D4

Sunday            3:00 PM            -            4:00 PM

"Science fiction becomes fact as people begin to create their own communities based on shared values rather then nationalism or geographic boundaries.  Virtual worlds and communities have grown exponentially over the past two decades.  What is next for these communities and virtual spaces, and how much will our lives be intertwined with and reliant on these in the near future?"

Chris Bell, Kevin DiVico [M], Louis Epstein, Eric S. Raymond


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