Programming Participants
Danielle Ackley-McPhail Award-winning author Danielle Ackley-McPhail has worked both sides of the publishing industry for fifteen years. Her works include the urban fantasies, Yesterday's Dreams, its sequel, Tomorrow's Memories (Mundania Press), and The Halfling's Court: A Bad-Ass Faerie Tale (Dark Quest Books).
Alma Alexander Alma Alexander is a Pacific Northwest novelist, the author of "The Hidden Queen"/"Changer of Days" duology and the internationally acclaimed "The Secrets of Jin Shei" - as well as the YA Worldweavers trilogy ("Gift of the Unmage", "Spellspam", "Cybermage").
Roger MacBride Allen Roger MacBride Allen is the author over 20 SF novels. He co-authored the National Geographic book Mr. Lincoln's High-Tech War with his father, Thomas B. Allen. Among other honors, it was named one of ALA's Notable Books for Older Readers, and Booklist's  Top 10 Science & Technology Titles. Roger also runs FoxAcre Press. His wife, Eleanore Fox, is a diplomat. They have two young sons, Matthew and James. Visit to learn more.
Ellen Asher Ellen Asher edited the Science Fiction Book Club for over 34 years, thus fulfilling her life's ambition of breaking John Campbell's record of continuous tenure in a single SF job. She is now happily retired, which means she can start to catch up on all the books that were waiting for her to have time to read them.  Unfortunately, she keeps buying more, so the To Be Read pile has gotten no smaller.
Kathryn Baker Kate Baker is the Podcast Director for Hugo and Fantasy award nominee, Clarkesworld Magazine. She has also narrated for StarShipSofa, Escape Pod, and Fantasy Magazine. When not submerging herself in all things SF/Fantasy, she has also been known to be a mother of three, an administrative professional, gamer, and an aspiring writer.
Alan F. Beck Alan F. Beck, Artist, Science Fiction and Fantasy Illustrator. HUGO Award nominated artist participating in art shows across the country, producing paintings, magazine illustrations and book covers. He has recently published a children’s book “The Adventures of Nogard and Jackpot” and is creator of the “Mouseopolitan Museum of Art”. Visit for more information.
Jim Belfiore Jim Belfiore is a Certified Innovation Master and the Sr. Director of Client Innovation for Invention Machine.  He facilitates break-through ideation at many Fortune 500 product R&D centers, and is a featured speaker at innovation conferences.  Jim is a long-time member of SF fandom.  His original artwork and media productions can be seen at
Chris Bell Long a gadfly in the ointment of Northeast anime fandom, Chris is a recently graduated MBA from MCNY and a writer for magazines such as Toy Shop.  An expert on anime fandom past and present, Chris has pro and fan contacts with companies and clubs countrywide.
Joseph Bellofatto Joseph Bellofatto, Jr. is an artist/illustrator residing with his wife and children  between Baltimore, MD. and Washington, D.C. His published works include the covers and interiors for DNA Publications, Quiet Vision Publications, Dwell Records, Chameleon
Marc Bilgrey M. BILGREY is the author of two humorous fantasy novels, And Don't Forget To Rescue The Princess, and its sequel, by Five Star.  His fantasy, SF, and crime stories have appeared in anthologies such as Merlin, Far Frontiers, Ultimate Halloween, and Slipstreams and in Lovecraft's Magazine of Horror, and Sherlock Holmes. He's written for comedians, TV, syndicated comic strips, and comic books.
Joshua Bilmes Joshua Bilmes has been a literary agent since 1986, and head of his own JABberwocky Literary Agency since 1994.  The most prominent JABberwocky clients is #1 NY Times bestseller Charlaine Harris, but sf/fantasy writers Elizabeth Moon, Brandon Sanderson, Simon Green, Jack Campbell and Tobias Buckell have all hit at least the extended NY Times bestseller lists, and Kat Richardson, Lunacon GoH.
Misty Pendragon Misty Pendragon is a fan fiction writer, and will always be a Buffaholic, and has been attending cons for many years, doing programming, speaking as the fangirl's voice among the pros.  Favorite quote, " I am fangirl, hear me roar!!!!" Currently she is also involved in the Repo the Genetic Opera community, and is the founder of the Repo Shadowcast in Boston, the Legal Assassins!
Marilyn Brahen Marilyn "Mattie" Brahen has published stories in England and America. Her first novel, CLAIMING HER, was published by Wildside Press in 2003.  Her second novel, REFORMING HELL, published in 2009, is its sequel and completes the tale. She is currently working on a children's book. Mattie also reviews for The New York Review of Science Fiction, has articles in the nonfiction Neil Gaiman Reader.
Seth Breidbart After helping build the ARPANET, Seth Breidbart went on to earn a Ph.D. in computer science. He currently works off Wall Street and is interested in networking and encryption.
Peter V Brett Raised on a steady diet of fantasy novels, comic books, and Dungeons & Dragons, Peter V. Brett's first novel, The Warded Man (2009; Del Rey Books, AKA The Painted Man) was an international bestseller translated into 17 languages. In 2010 he returns with the sequel, The Desert Spear. Peter lives in Brooklyn NY with his wife, daughter, and an evil cat named Jinx. Visit him at
Steve Brinich A regular member of the Conterpoint (East coast filk con in the Washington DC area) concom; chaired the convention in 2001. Also active in local gaming fandom, running demo games with Steve Jackson Games' Men In Black.
Eben Brooks Eben Brooks ( is the Working Class Superhero of San Diego and, along with his Band, fights to rid the world of hunger, intolerance, and boring music. When not engaged in this noble battle, they play concerts full of songs both humorous and moving, ranging in topic from office politics to Mythos horror. Mr. Brooks is mostly responsible for the song "Hey There Cthulhu".
Nuance Bryant Nuance Bryant is working on her thesis to get her Master's Degree in English from Clark University. She is also getting used to the notion that everything in the house actually belongs to her kittens. In her spare time (HA!) she enjoys reading, writing, going to cons, and playing Fandom High.
Shaughn Bryant Shaughn is a pharmacologist and cellular immunologist, working primarily in the field of auto-immunity and bone biology.  He is an avid reader, fan, and gamer. He has written and run LARPS and innumerable tabletop RPGs.  His travels through time and space have served to both unhinge his mind and hone his game writing skills.
Ginjer Buchanan In the early '70s, Ginjer Buchanan, then a social worker, moved from Pittsburgh to New York. In 1984, she switched careers and became an editor at Ace Books. Her current title is Editor-in-Chief, Ace/Roc Books.
C.E. Lawrence (Carol Bugge) Writing as C.E. Lawrence, Carole Bugge's new thriller is Silent Scremas. Set in New York, it is the story of NYPD criminal profiler Lee Campbell and his desperate quest to find a deadly serial killer - all the while searching for his own sister's murderer.  "Pulse-racing, compelling, first rate. Lawrence knows how to build and hold suspense with the best of them." - John Lutz, NY Times Best seller
Mary Aileen Buss Librarian and fabric artist. She has been selling her science-fictional and fantastical stuffed animals at convention art shows since 1998; her quilted work is appearing at Lunacon for the first time.
Sam Butler A former bond trader, S. C. Butler published the Stoneways trilogy, Reiffen's Choice, Queen Ferris, and The Magicians' Daughter, with Tor Books.  He is currently working on a story best described as Contact meets The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress.
Paul Calhoun Paul Calhoun is an aspiring fantasy novelist with six books in series and various stages of writing/editing/publishing.  He's currently studying electrical engineering on the assumption that he won't make any money writing.  He hopes to be disproved.  Apart from his writing, Paul's current projects include a D&D manual on temporal mechanics, a musical Tesla coil and poorly drawn stick figures.
Christopher Carson Christopher Carson is a child of the post-Apollo generation, & the destruction of CHALLENGER is one of his earliest distinct memories.  Raised among engineers & exposed to SF from an early age, he has always recognized the importance of space development.
James Chambers James Chambers' short story collection Resurrection House was published in 2009 by Dark Regions Press. His stories have appeared in numerous anthologies and magazines, including the Bad-Ass Faeries and the Defending the Future series. He has written numerous comic books, including Leonard Nimoy's Primortals, The Midnight Hour, and Shadow House. His website is
Amy Chused Dr. Amy Chused is a board certified internist currently working as a hospitalist at Weill Cornell Medical Center.  She has a masters in medical informatics and is an avid reader of SF&F and fanfic.
Ariel Cinii Ariel Cinii (pronounced SIN-eye); a long-time filker, writer, artist and apa-hack; is part of CONTATA (The Floating Northeast Filk Con), writes in LiveJournal (as Sodyera) and creates novels based on the language and history of her past-life homeworld. Ask her about "The Alternate Side” (a filk about parking in New York City) and her profusion of parenthetical comments.
Neil Clarke Neil is the owner Wyrm Publishing and editor of Clarkesworld Magazine. In 2009, his work at Clarkesworld earned him both Hugo and World Fantasy Award nominations. (,
Byron P. Connell Byron Connell, a long-time SF fan, is a historian by training.  He likes to help at masquerades and usually can be found in the masquerade green room, which he'll be doing at Lunacon again this year.  He was Anticipation's masquerade director last year and will direct the EeConStruction masquerade this year.  He is a member of the Sick Pups, the New Jersey-New York Costumers' Guild.
Dominick Corrado Dom is a retired schoolteacher with a long history of fannish activities dating back to the late 60's. His first Lunacon was in 1989 as chaperone to the Bronx Science Contingent, many of whom are still attending today with their children in tow. He joined the Lunarians in 1998 and has served as Treasurer and is currently the President.
Laurel Cunningham Hill Laurel Cunningham Hill is married to Richard Hill and mom to Zachary. She is a wife,mom,housekeeper,gardener,repairman,pet wrangler,teacher,driver,nurse,shrink,chef,mechanic,plumber,pool cleaner,shopper,artist,costumer,party planner,best friend.
Charlene D'Alessio Charlene Taylor D'Alessio has been illustrating in the Fantasy and Science Fiction genre for over 30 years. She is known for her exquisite Painted Ties, Humorous Fantasy Illus. of Cats, Dragons, Owls & Hamsters, to name a few, and miniature Astronomical pieces. She exhibits her artwork at over 30 cons.
Michael D'Ambrosio Michael, a Philadelphia area resident, is the author of the exciting adventure trilogy Fractured Time(Fractured Time, Twisted Fate and Dark Horizon) and his thrilling new Space Frontiers Series (The Eye of Icarus and Dangerous Liaisons). The third book in the four book series, The Devil's Playground, is due out from Helm Publishing in June.
Bianca D'Arc Bianca D'Arc has run a laboratory, climbed the corporate ladder in the shark-infested streets of Manhattan, studied and taught martial arts, and earned the right to put a whole bunch of letters after her name, but she’s always enjoyed writing more. She lives on Long Island with several aquariums full of very demanding fish, and writes her favorite genres of paranormal, fantasy and sci-fi romance.
Kathleen O'Shea David Kathleen O'Shea David- Master Puppeteer, Book Editor, Writer, Equity Stage Manager, Costumer, Blogger (, Live Journaler (Puppetmaker40) Artist, Stage Manager, Playwright, Anime Adaptor, Doctor Who Author, Muppet Head, Special FX artist (specializes in blood) Sculptor, Puppetmaker, Trivia Buff, Un-appologetic Punster, reviewer, Fan of many fandoms, Jack (or Jill) of all Trades
Susan de Guardiaola Susan de Guardiola is best known at conventions for her role as masquerade emcee. She knows nothing about sheep. Susan researches and teaches historic social dance at workshops and events across the country.  She is a mass market fiction reviewer for Publisher's Weekly and blogs at Capering & Kickery (dance history) and Rixosous (everything else).
Ef Deal Ef Deal writes fantasy, horror, & sf in very small doses. Her work has appeared in The Fortean Bureau, Eternity Online, Flashshots: Daily Genre Fiction, and F&SF. She publishes flash fiction in Second Life at Lionshadow Literary Emporium, Caledon Cay.
Keith DeCandido Keith R.A. DeCandido ( has written several billion novels, short stories, eBooks, essays, and comic books in a huge variety of media universes, as well as editing anthologies, playing percussion, and generally making trouble. His latest work includes the monthly "Farscape" comic, the novel "Supernatural: Heart of the Dragon," and the manga "StarCraft: Ghost Academy."
Bill DeSmedt Bill turned to writing science fiction after several lifetimes of reading the stuff. His first novel, Singularity, won Foreword Magazine's Book of the Year Award for SF, and he’s now wrapping up his second, Dualism.
Christina Di Donato Masquerade March 2005:"Best Presentation"(Young Fan Division), March 2006:"Best Presentation" and "Best Young Fan"(Young Fan Division), March 2007:"Best Presentation" and "Best Fabric Painting"(Novice Division). Participant in Swordplay Workshop.
Alfonse A. Di Donato Jr. Charter member of New York Medievalists. Specializing in Sword fighting and demos with the "Con" for 15 years.   behind the scene Liaison to the hotel, Saturday night security(Mr. Shirt) and overall go-for for Admin and Programming. One of Dom's many minions (LOL)
Kevin DiVico Kevin DiVico has been a game publisher, member of Military Intelligence, Tech entrepreneur and nonprofit founder, futurist and aspiring raconteur.  Currently he is transitioning to the next phase of this adventure called life and is working on a new social entrepreneurship company.  He enjoys conversation, coffee and jelly babies.
John Douglas John R. Douglas has attended conventions since 1969 (his first was a Lunacon) and has worked in SF publishing since 1978, most recently as a freelancer handling editorial work of all kinds, with a particular interest in ebooks and other new forms of digital publishing.
Ty Drago Ty Drago is the author of the upcoming YA thriller series, THE UNDERTAKERS, the first book of which, RISE OF THE CORPSES, will be released in Spring 2011 by Jabberwocky.  He's also the author PHOBOS, an SF/Mystery published by Tor in 2003/2004.  For the last twelve years, he has served as editor/publisher of ALLEGORY (formerly Peridot Books), a successful e-zine.
Bruce Dykes Bruce is a network technician. He started reading SF with the Heinlein adaptations in Boy's Life magazine, and has been gaming since the last century.
Rosemary Edghill ROSEMARY EDGHILL, aka ELUKI BES SHAHAR, has been writing since 1987, including "The Rough Guide To The Escher Hilton" (THE CLOAK OF NIGHT AND SHADOWS).  She has written with the best of the best, including Marion Zimmer Bradley, Andre Norton, and Mercedes Lackey.  Next up is a YA series from Tor: "Shadow Grail", which will be published 7/10.
Bill Engfer Bill Engfer has been a futurist and an advocate for the human development of space since watched the Apollo moon landing at the age of nine. He has is an advocate member of the Space Fronter Foundation, and a senior associate of the Space Studies Institute. he works as a systems engineer at the EPA.
Paula Entin Paula Entin is a librarian and quilter with of 20+ years of experience in both, so she is always referring people to new and old books, characters, and ways to look stuff up. Likewise, she also helps people with quilting, knitting and beading questions.
Louis Epstein Louis Epstein co-founded the National Tolkien League in 1973 and has attended every Lunacon since 1979. He is a reader, infoholic, Internet provider, science buff, occasional writer,and internationally recognized authority on the frontiers of human longevity.
Maria Eskinazi Maria Daggett-Eskinazi has been in love with science fiction since sitting in a basement in high school in 11th grade and being introduced to Isaac Asimov, Philip Dick, Harlan Ellison and others.
Chris Evans Chris Evans is the editor of military history and current affairs and conflict titles at Stackpole Books. He's also the author of the Iron Elves fantasy series published by Pocket Books of Simon & Schuster. He started his career in publishing as an editor at Del Rey and Ballantine Books. Chris has degrees in English and History, Political Science, and a Masters in History. He lives in NYC.
Jan Howard Finder The Wombat, aka jan howard finder, has been reading SF for more than 60 years & active in SF circles for more than 35.  He chaired 7 events.  He has been a GoH at a number of cons including CONFRANCISCO, the 1993 Worldcon. He participates in, judged & MC'
Lois Fitzpatrick Lois Fitzpatrick has been reading tarot cards for more than 30 years. She is currently in charge of the Soothsayers Guild within the East Kingdom of the SCA, a medieval history study and re-creation group.
Ric Frane Monster and pin-up artist, Ric Frane utilizes a multitude of media to create his artwork. Ric has done illustration work, here and abroad, and he has been featured in several publications. Ric has received many awards for his art. He has many collectors of his work around the world. Ric currently is doing digital work with a Steampunk theme under the pseudonym, Baron Von Reign.
Wendy Frane Wendy Mitchell Frane is an artist who focuses mostly on images of women in fantasy, horror, and television. Lately, she has been drawing birds as well. She has also modeled for other artists including her husband, Ric Frane. Together they own a gallery in Wilmington, Delaware. Between conventions, you can find much of their artwork at the gallery.
Gary Frank I am the author of 2 supernatural novels: Forever Will You Suffer (2006) and Institutional Memory (2008), both from Medallion Press.  I'm also the co-editor of the Garden State Horror Writers anthology, Dark Territory, and I'm an associate editor at Space
Jim Freund Jim Freund is the producer and host of 'Hour of the Wolf', a radio program presenting sf/f since 1972.  The show is broadcast Saturday mornings between 5 and 7 am on WBAI (99.5 FM) in New York, or you can listen on your own schedule at  He is also Executive Curator and Producer of the New York Review of Science Fiction Reading series.
Esther Friesner Esther M. Friesner is the author of 35 novels, nearly 200 short stories, and won the Nebula Award twice.  Latest works include SPHINX'S PRINCESS.  Forthcoming books for 2010 include SPHINX'S QUEEN and THREADS AND FLAMES.  She lives in Connecticut.
Charles Gannon Dist Prof, SBU; Fulbright Sr Spclst; SIGMA SF think-tank; collaborator Starfire series (Baen); appeared in Analog, War World, Defending the Future; forthcoming novella in "1632" antho & other well-known Baen series; editor&writer Traveller/2300AD/more (GDW); non-fiction book “Rumors of War & Infernal Machines" won 2006 ALA Choice Award, Best Book. TV&film writer/producer in NY (1985-1992).
Donato Giancola Donato Giancola is a multi award-winning painter: three Hugos, eighteen Chesleys, World Fantasy-Best Artist, The Jack Gaughan Award, Gold and Silver Medals from Spectrum.  Notable clients include the United Nations, LucasArts, National Geographic, SFBC, Tor Books, US Postal Service, CNN, and DAW Books.  Donato currently teaches a class on Science Fiction Art at the School Of Visual Art.
Alexis Gilliland My first son was born in 1963, and my first con was Discon I very shortly afterwards, putting me on WSFA's mailing list.  Eventually I ran cons, published novels, and drew cartoons, collecting four fan artist Hugos, the Campbell Award for best new writer.
Lee Gilliland Lee Gilliland has been in and around and of fandom than she really wants to remember, which she thinks puts her pretty much in the mainstream.  She has helped at scores of conventions, most notably with consuites and parties, as well as giving several herself.  Her varied interests include the RMS Titanic, HOGs, Marie Antoinette, Richard III, and men.
Laura Anne Gilman Laura Anne Gilman is the author of the “Retrievers” and “Paranormal Scene Investigations” urban fantasy series (Luna), and the critically-acclaimed FLESH AND FIRE, Book 1 of The Vineart War trilogy (Pocket).  She also writes paranormal romances as Anna Leonard. Ms. Gilman is a member of the on-line writers’ consortium BookView Café. 
Teel James Glenn Teel James Glenn was born in Brooklyn though he’s traveled the world for thirty years as a Stuntman/ Fight choreographer/ Swordmaster, Jouster, Book Illustrator, Storyteller, Bodyguard and Actor. He studied under Errol Flynn’s last double & played Vega on Streetfighter: The Later Years. He has choreographed action for 300 plays, 60 films and 50 renaissance faires. All this informs his 25 books.
Elizabeth Glover Elizabeth Glover is the secret identity of a superhero with the mutant ability to read maps and navigate. She also excels at corralling writers, getting them to dinner, and making sure no one stiffs on the bill.
Amy Goldschlager Amy Goldschlager is a print and online editor who has worked on science fiction, children's, and craft books for several major publishers. She also reviews for Publishers Weekly, Kirkus, AudioFile magazine and ComicMix.
Ron Goulart Ron Goulart has been writing SF for over half a century. He  writes mystery novels as well, most recently a series of 6 with Groucho Marx as the detective. He also writes nonfiction about comics and pulps. 
John Grant John Grant is the author of about 70 books, both fiction and nonfiction, and the winner of two Hugos, the World Fantasy Award and several other awards. Under real name Paul Barnett he ran the imprint Paper Tiger for some years. Recent books include *Bogus Science*, the novel *Leaving Fortusa* and the novella *The City in These Pages*.
Bob Greenberger Bob Greenberger is a longtime comic book and publishing professional.  Currently he is writing and editing a variety of project with Wonder Woman Amazon. Hero. Icon coming in April followed by the new Who's Who for DC in May. For more, check out
Scott Grimando Scott Grimando is an award winning illustrator and acclaimed fine artist. His first book of inspiring art and insights into the creative process is called Lucid Dreams and is now available from SQP inc. Visit or
Katrina Grossberg I have been spinning with both a spinning wheel and a drop spindle for the past 14 years, learning about the many different facets of fiber processing, I'm alway willing to learn new ideas and techniques.
Leigh Grossman Leigh Grossman ( is the author of thirteen published books and teaches science fiction, fantasy, and publishing at the University of Connecticut. His most recent genre books are fantasy novels The Green Lion and The Golden Thorns.
Sally Wiener Grotta Sally Wiener Grotta, writer and photographer, has published hundreds of articles and pictures in scores of glossy magazines. The co-author of seven non-fiction books with Daniel Grotta, Sally's most recent fine art photography project is "American Hands" (
Daniel Grotta Daniel Grotta was the first biographer of J.R.R. Tolkien, and whose book has been in continuous print for over 30 years. He is a former war correspondent, investigative reporter, classic music critic, book editor, travel journalist, and expert on digital art.
Russell J. Handelman Russell J. Handelman, who has written fiction and nonfiction, lives next to a swamp in Connecticut.
Brandy Hauman With 19 years of experience in broadcast media and information technology and a WSET Advanced certification in wine, Brandy holds a position at Benson Marketing Group executing the agency's digital campaigns and client solutions.  In her spare time she hosts an online hard rock/metal radio show that can be heard at
Glenn Hauman The man, the myth, the miracle worker. Writer, editor, colorist, graphic designer, webmaster, tired person. Currently doing way too much at and publishing a lot of books with IDW.
Peter Heck Peter Heck is the author of the Mark Twain Mysteries, and co-author (with Robert Asprin) of the Phule's Company humorous SF series. He is a former editor at Ace and has been a regular reviewer for Asimov's for over ten years. He plays guitar with Colonel Leonard's Irregulars. His current day job is as a newspaper reporter for the Kent County News in his home town.
Stacey Helton McConnell Originally from San Diego, where she worked on several cons in Southern California, she moved to Pennsylvania after marrying an East Coast fan and is now working on various cons on the East Coast.  She has done Publications for Conzilla.
C. J Henderson CJ Henderson is the creator of the Piers Knight supernatural investigator series and the Teddy London occult detective series. He is also the author of some 70 books, including such titles as "The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction Movies," "Black Sabbath: the Ozzy Osbourne Years," and "Baby's First Mythos." He has also written literally thousands of short stories, comics and non-fiction pieces.
John Hertz Three Hugo nominations as Best Fanwriter ('06,'07, '09).  Big Heart Award, '03.  Infected fandom with English Regency ballroom dancing.  Moderator of panels, leader of Art Show tours.  Lunacon Fan Guest of Honor, '01.  Fanzine, "Vanamonde".  Fond of rum-pots, crack-pots, and how are you, Mr. Wilson?
Merav Hoffman Merav Hoffman wears many hats: She is a founder of the bands Lady Mondegreen and The Funny Things, recurring con-chair of Contata and a member of the advisory board for the FilkArchive project.  When she's not running something, she edits novels, crochets and hosts house concerts.
Butch Honeck Butch Honeck has been a bronze sculptor for thirty six years, using the lost wax method of casting in his own foundry at his home in Michigan. His newest works are Steampunk, which has always been his style. He exhibits in the art show and sells in the dealers' room. He also does custom work. Butch loves motorcycles and racing.
Alexandra Elizabeth Honigsberg Alexandra Elizabeth Honigsberg writes on the arts, history, anime, philosophy, and religion.  RAVENS IN THE LIBRARY (Brucato/Buskirk),  THE BEST OF DREAMS OF DECADENCE (Angela Kessler), STRANGE ATTRACTION (Lisa Snelling), ON CRUSADE (Katherine Kurtz), BLOOD MUSE (Esther Friesner), and THE CROW (James O’Barr) are her literary homes. She lives in Upper Manhattan, land of forests, fjords, & unicorns.
Heidi Hooper Heidi Hooper is the Dryer Lint Lady! She is a graduate of VCU and the Mass. College of Art. Her work has recently been purchased by Ripley's Believe It Or Not where it is showing at their museums around the world, and will be featured in their next book due out late 2010.  Her work is also currently showing in galleries in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and New Jersey. Her web page is
Tanya Huff Following three years in the Canadian Naval Reserve, a year studying forestry, a winter hanging around Universal studios, a degree in Radio and Television Arts, and time spent managing North America's oldest surviving SF&F bookstore (Bakka-Phoenix back when it was only Bakka) Tanya Huff moved to rural Ontario and began writing science fiction and fantasy full-time -- around the needs of nine cats.
Saul Jaffe Saul Jaffe has been involved with fandom on the Internet as long as there has been an Internet. He is best known for being the Moderator of SF-Lovers Digest-one of the Internet's oldest mailing lists.
Hal Johnson Hal writes about comic books and science fiction in various places. You can also find him at, or drop by Midtown Comics Times Square.
Marvin Kaye Marvin Kaye edits Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine. Author of The Incredible Umbrella series, coauthor of The Masters of Solitude, WIntermind and A Cold Blue Light, he has edited anthologies for the SF Book Club and other publishers. His anthology, THE FAIR FOLK, won the 2006 World Fantasy Award.
Helen Keier Helen Keier has had a varied career, including advanced training as a research psychologist and statistician.  She currently works as an online learning specialist.  Helen is the co-author of Star Wars: The New Essential Guide to Alien Species from Random House.
Joe Kesselman Filker
Daniel Kimmel Daniel M. Kimmel is a Boston-based professional film critic, lecturer and author.  He was a regular contributor to the Internet Review of Science Fiction and is currently working on a collection of essays on SF films.
Kim Kindya Kim Kindya is currently Associate Director of the Soho Gallery for Digital Art, and has worked on Star Trek and Farscape CD-ROMs for Simon & Schuster Interactive. She's published short stories and children's books about the X-Men, Powerpuff Girls, and Looney Tunes, and is a Craftsman-level costumer and Anime fan.
Lynn E. Cohen Koehler Lynn worked at Marvel Comics, Sing Out! NBM (graphic novels), The Village Voice and currently owns her own professional audio sales company.  She started doing publicity for cons at the age of 20, including Philcon, The Philadelphia International Star Trek Convention, Empiricon and NY ACM/SigGRAPH.  Lynn is interested in outreach and developing programing for kids/Teens/Young Adults
Diane Kovalcin Diane Kovalcin is a costumer (competes in the Master Class for both Science Fiction and Historical Masquerades), quilter, and fan fiction writer. She's also a big Star Wars and Merlin BBC tv series fan
Lawrence Kramer Larry’s career has spanned science related positions in the pharmaceutical industry and work in information technology. He is finishing his PhD in Cell and Developmental Biology at Rutgers University, where he assists teaching genetics while staring to look for a faculty position. Larry has helped with conventions from some of the first Star Trek cons in NYC to various worldcons and regional cons.
Jean Elizabeth Krevor Jean Elizabeth Krevor started out her science-fiction publishing life working at Starlog Press, and branched out to work on many projects for many different publishers over the years. After 9/11, she went back to school and became a paramedic; a career that takes up most of her time. She now often consults for writers about things of a medical nature.
Michele Lang Michele Lang is the author of the historical urban fantasy LADY LAZARUS, set in a magical Budapest on the eve of World War II. LADY LAZARUS, the first of a series, releases in September 2010 from Tor Books. Visit Michele on the web:
Toni Lay Toni Lay is a member of the New Jersey-New York Costumers Guild (aka The Sick Pups), and the Society for Creative Anachronism, which gives her plenty of opportunity to costume.  When not sewing, Toni reads SF, alternate history, and Didius Falco mysteries.  She is also a fan of British TV comedies and SF.
Scott Lefton Scott Lefton has been creating and selling art in wood, metal and glass for over 30 years.  About 10 years ago digital photography and Photoshop were added to the list of art media.  He works as an engineering consultant and artist in Massachusetts.
Neal Levin An editor, publisher, designer, author.  Don't let his calm polite demeanor fool you, he is a demon in action. He is a game designer from the abysmal state of New Jersey. Born and raised in central NJ, he currently resides there with his wife (and fellow writer) Tina and two furry children. Having lived there most of his life, he turned towards fantasy to cover the reality of life there.
Nathan Lilly N.E. Lilly is the editor of, Thaumatrope, and Everyday Weirdness. When he isn't reading slush, he's developing websites for Science Fiction professionals and organizations through GreenTentacles.
Peter Liverakos Peter Liverakos received his MBA in Finance from NYU/Stern, put in two years on Wall Street, and then moved to financial planning and analysis for Fortune 100 companies. He's currently at Pinnacle Foods Corp.
Allison Lonsdale Allison Lonsdale makes a living as a technical writer and makes the living worth while by writing strange things, rehabilitating domesticated memes for release into the wild, and singing her original songs about sex, science and God in coffee-houses. Her fiction has appeared in the anthologies From Porn to Poetry, Best Transgender Erotica, and Blood Surrender.
Perrianne Lurie Perrianne Lurie is a long-time fan who has worked on local, regional and Worldcons and local sf clubs in various capacities. In her day job as a public health physician she works on infectious disease epidemiology.
Jeff Lyman Jeff Lyman is a 2004 graduate of the Odyssey writing program. He has stories appearing in numerous small-press anthologies, and is an assistant editor for the award winning Bad Ass Fairies series of anthologies.  He is a recent finalist in the Writers of the Future contest.
Jonathan Maberry Jonathan Maberry a multiple Bram Stoker Award winning author and Marvel Comics writer.  His books include PATIENT ZERO, THE DRAGON FACTORY, THE WOLFMAN, DOOMWAR, ZOMBIE CSU, ROT & RUIN and others.
Gail Z. Martin Gail Martin is the author of the Chronicles of the Necromancer fantasy series (The Summoner, The Blood King, Dark Haven and Dark Lady's Chosen. Her new series, The Fallen Kings Cycle, debuts from Orbit Books in 2011 with Book One: The Sworn.
Theresa Mather Theresa Mather's artwork explores a wide range of the fantasy bestiary, from traditional fauna like dragons, gryphons and unicorns to unusual versions of the pets lurking within our own homes, keeping their true nature hidden from us. In addition to her fantasy art, she has also created full sets of replacement scenery paintings for several antique carousels.
Dennis McCunney Dennis McCunney is a long time fan, and a former President of the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society, former Chair of Philcon, and former Chair of Lunacon, as well as working in a variety of other convention positions on the East Coast.
Gary McGath Gary McGath is clerk of MASSFILC, editor of the Filk Book Index, and an occasional editor of filk books.
Mike McPhail Author/Anthologist Mike McPhail is best known as the editor of the award winning Defending The Future series. He is a member of Military Writers Society of America, and a reviewer for As a game designer, he's the creator of the Alliance Archives series and its related Martial Role-Playing Game.  Websites:,
Edmund Meskys Reading SF from 1950 after discovering it on radio, Ed Meskys has been an active fan 50 years. His fanzine NIEKAS received a Hugo once, and was nominated two other times. He is currently doing a free e-fanzine, The View From Entropy Hall.
Movie Mike Movie Mike Olshan presents The Vintage Film Room: real 16mm film features, cartoons  and shorts.  We'll see cheesy old B-films on Friday and A-list classics on Saturday.  It's all part of our Pulp Fiction roots. This time around, you can expect lots of mad scientists, robots and dinosaurs.
Ahlen Moin Ahlen is a performance artist whose work focuses on science fiction themes. He is also currently working on a graphic novel.
Ben Newman Benjamin Newman, a computer science graduate student at Brandeis University, has been filking since his college friends dragged him to his first convention his freshman year at Swarthmore. Since then, he has acquired two guitars and written over 130 songs on a wide range of topics, including SF and fantasy, science, computers, and religion, both singly and in various whimsical juxtapositions.
Joe Niedbala Joe Niedbala is an artist and jack-of-all-trades who currently works for Sands Creative Group/Fenway Printers, a Boston area design and print firm, as head of their large format printing services. Previously, he had a decade-long tenure as the manager of a vintage clothing store, as well as several years providing scenic and prop work to the film, television, and stage industries.
William O'Connor William O'Connor has been a professional freelance illustrator since 1992.  His clients include Wizards of the Coast, Blizzard, Lucas Films, Harper Collins and many more.  William has won over 30 awards during his career including appearances in several Spectrum annuals Chesley nominations and has been a participant in the Lunacon Artshow every year since 1993.  
Margaret Organ-Kean Margaret Organ-Kean paints watercolors on commission as well as for herself, and works as a free-lance/contract technical illustrator.  She lives in West Seattle. In her spare time, she enjoys reading SF/F, walking, and her cats.
Lisa Padol Lisa Padol has been playing in larps since 1988, starting with the full weekend game, Double Exposure. She has been running and writing larps since 2000 (ignoring Dark of the Moon, a 10-years-old, still-in-development, full-weekend larp project). 
Kim Paffenroth Kim Paffenroth is a professor of religious studies at Iona College who also has an interest in horror and SF. His examination of Romero's zombie films, Gospel of the Living Dead: George Romero's Visions of Hell on Earth (Baylor, 2006), won the 2006 Bram Stoker Award. Since then he has written several zombie novels.
Susan Palermo Actress, fan, and musician. Susan composed the song for 'Zombies, Zombies, Everywhere!' with her writing partner, Sturgis Nikides.  They now write as Suzie Creamcheese and Lox Ness, and are currently working on a song for a horror film presently in post production.
Crystal Paul Crystal Paul lives in Springfield, VA.  The course of her life was irrevocably set in 1966, the year she discovered both Star Trek and A Wrinkle in Time.  She has been an active fan and filker for over 30 years.
Dan Persons Film journalist Dan Persons is a regular contributor to the ReelzChannel website. He is producer and host of the film interview show, MIGHTY MOVIE PODCAST -- available at the Huffington Post, at, and on iTunes -- and of the movie review show, CINEFANTASTIQUE ONLINE PODCAST, available at and on iTunes.
KT Pinto KT Pinto writes horror, fantasy, and YA lit. She's been writing since the voices in her head told her to 20+ years ago. Those are very smart voices, talking to her... Find out more at
Marianne Plumridge Marianne Plumridge is an Australian writer and artist living in the USA. Her current art projects include ongoing painting series involving pointy rocket ships, tin toy robots, cosmic whales, balloon ships, and nature/wildlife. Marianne is also writing the content essays for 'BOB EGGLETON'S ICE AGE AMERICA' - due in early 2012; and concurrently working on her first mystery novel.
Andrew Porter 3-time Hugo winner Andrew Porter published ALGOL/STARSHIP (1974 Hugo) and SCIENCE FICTION CHRONICLE (1993, 94 Hugo), was Fan Guest of Honor at the 1990 World SF Convention, and published THE BOOK OF ELLISON in 1978. His first Lunacon was in 1961.
James Prego Dr. Prego practices medicine in NY and is a Biology professor. At conventions he discusses xenobiology, health in space, life extension, fusions of biology and technology, medicine in sci-fi, natural healing in future worlds, and fan-related/lifestyle topics. He was awarded Physician of the Year' by the NYANP and was voted 'Best Alternative Doctor' by the LI Press. Learn more at
Stella Price The older half of the Urban Fantasy and Paranormal romance writing team Stella and Audra Price, Stella is in her 30's and lives in upstate New York. She is the co author of over 18 books, one of which is a ground breaking series about Weresnakes. Aside from writing, Shes an Art Director for Tease Publishing and works as a cover artist for several publishers including Sourcebooks,and Mundania Press
Lenny J. Provenzano Growing up in an airline family and with the Space Program it may have been inevitable that Lenny became a fan. He attends (often as a program participant) and photographs (sometimes in an official capacity) numerous cons and can also be found Filking among other things. Hoping to live long enough to scan all of his slides and negs, Lenny enjoys quiet time doing Photoshop.
Daniel Rabuzzi Author of The Choir Boats (Chizine Publications, 2009), which debuted at Worldcon.  Fiction & poetry in Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet, Shimmer, Scheherezade's Bequest, Goblin Fruit, Apex & Abyss, Sybil's Garage.  Readercon and Arisia reader/panelist.  College major: folklore & mythology. See, &
Eric Raymond Eric S. Raymond is a long-time SF fan and one of the ringleaders of the open-source and Linux community.
Roberta Rogow Roberta Rogow is a long-time SF fan, filker, costumer, and fanzine writer.  She has written mystery novels and short stories, as well as Science Fiction and Humorous Horror.  For the last six years she has un the Filk Track program at Lunacon.
Aaron Rosenberg Aaron Rosenberg has written a dozen novels, including Star Trek, StarCraft, WarCraft, and Warhammer. He has also written over a dozen educational books and more than fifty roleplaying games. Most recently he has worked in YA and children's books, writing for Chaotic, Ben 10, Transformers, and others. He has also recently written novels for Stargate: Atlantis and Eureka.
Jenifer Rosenberg Jenifer is a crafter, gamer, writer, and a fan of genre TV and mysteries. When not organizing fundraisers to save the world or talking about the looming Zombie Apocalypse, she can usually be found writing reviews for online blogs and zines. She also has a (short!) story in the upcoming fiction anthology.
Robert Rosenberg
Robert Rosenberg has been a computer programmer for over 40 years, is a member of the Lunarians, a long time Animé fan, and does DeskTop Publishing and Web Design. At conventions, he sheds his mundane identity to turn into his Fan Persona of HAL9001.
Kathy Sands Co-owner & manager of Tales from the White Hart for nearly 2 decades, I continue to attend too many cons & deal at most of them. Most of my fannish time in & out of cons in recent years has been occupied by filk and media fanfiction.
Eddie Schneider Violet Haberdasher--transatlantic adventurer, croquet enthusiast, and recovering mad scientist--is the author of the Knightley Academy series (called "steam-punky, subversive and enthralling!" by Tamora Pierce). Violet holds degrees in Victorian literature and medical ethics, lives in a moldering townhouse filled with dented suits of armor and never leaves home without her pet pocket watch.
Violet Haberdasher Eddie Schneider is a literary agent at JABberwocky Literary Agency.  His clients include New York Times bestselling author Tobias Buckell, Philip K. Dick Award winner Adam-Troy Castro, Edgar finalist Dene Low, and 2010 newcomer Jon Sprunk.  He has also been, at various points in his life, a magazine editor, computer salesman, short-order cook, freelance graphic designer and archery instructor.
Lawrence M. Schoen Lawrence holds a PhD in cognitive psych; a college professor for 10 years, he currently works as a compliance officer in mental health. He's a world's authority on the Klingon language. In 2007, he was nominated for the John W. Campbell Award for best new writer. His first novel came out last May, a sequel is due in 2010. When not writing, he runs Paper Golem, a speculative fiction small press.
Darrell Schweitzer Darrell Schweitzer is the author of The Mask of the Sorcerer, 2 other novels, & many short stories. He is a book reviewer, critic, interviewer, & was co-editor of WEIRD TALES for 19 years. His anthology FULL MOON CITY (with Martin Greenberg) just appeared from Pocket Books.
Pamela Scoville Agent
Josepha Sherman Josepha Sherman is a fantasy novelist, folklorist, and editor. Latest title: FOLKLORE FOR STORYTELLERS. Sherman also owns Sherman Editorial Services,
Susan Shwartz Susan Shwartz is author/editor of 30 books and more than 70 pieces of short fiction in nine languages. A Wall Street veteran, she earned her M.A. and Ph.D. in English from Harvard and her B.A. from Mount Holyoke. She collects SF art, loves opera and is just back from the 2010 Mad Scientists' Conference offered by TRADOC in Newport News, VA, out of Ft. Monroe.
Jane T. Sibley Jane T. Sibley, Ph.D., is a longtime presenter at Lunacon, as well as at Pagan & SCA events. Specialist in Scandinavian folklore, mythology, and runes, she is the author of "Norse Mythology...According to Uncle Einar", "The Hammer of the Smith", & "The Divine Thunderbolt".
Hildy Silverman Hildy Silverman is the publisher and editor-in-chief of Space and Time Magazine. She is the author of several works of short fiction, including Picky (Dark Territories; Garden State Horror Writers), The Darren (Witch Way to the Mall?; Baen Books), and Damned Inspiration (Bad-Ass Fairies; Mundania Press). She is also the vice-president of the Garden State Horror Writers.
Charlie Spickler Charlie has written, directed and produced three short films, three feature films, one TV pilot and two documentaries. He is currently working on a quirky Vampire movie called Blood U and an SF based TV show. C Squared Pictures has acquired the rights to the first 3 books of L. Flewelling’s Night Runner Series and a mini-series adaptation of  LUCK IN THE SHADOWS is expected to release in 2011.
Harold Stein Harold can likely be found in either the art show on staff or recording in the filk room.
Ian Randal Strock Ian Randal Strock is the editor of, the publisher of Fantastic Books, and a freelance editor and author. Previously, he published Artemis Magazine, and before that, was the associate editor of Analog and Asimov's. His writing in Analog won two AnLabs. He blogs at and at
Karen Sullivan Karen Sullivan specializes in the analysis of science fiction and fantasy's impact on pop culture (and vice-versa). A resident of New Jersey, she earned her BA in English from Rowan University of New Jersey and MAED from the University of Phoenix.
Patrick Thomas Patrick Thomas is the author of the MURPHY'S LORE series. 2010 will see his MYSTIC INVESTIGATORS series adding BULLETS & BRIMSTONE(with John French) & ONCE MORE UPON A TIME(with Diane Raetz). DEAR CTHULHU gets 2 collections-HAVE A DARK DAY & GOOD ADVICE FOR BAD PEOPLE. Agent Karver's DEAD TO RITES joins Terrorbelle's FAIRY WITH A GUN in the expanded ML universe. For more visit
Sue Toker Sue Toker is a costumer who must compete in the Master class due to sheer dumb luck, an artist, a movie going junky, and a reading addict-but who here isn't.
Gordon Van Gelder Gordon Van Gelder is the editor and publisher of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction.
Michael A. Ventrella Michael's latest novel "The Axes of Evil" (a sequel to "Arch Enemies") has just been released. His blog interviews many famous genre writers. He is one of the founders of modern LARP in America. He currently runs the Alliance LARP.  He is an animation historian and founder of Animato magazine.  In his spare time, he is a lawyer.  He pet peeve is space limitations for bios.  www.MichaelAVentrella.
Michael Walsh Michael J. Walsh attended his first convention-Disclave-in 1969. He's chaired a few Disclaves since then, a Worldcon (and apparently lived to tell the tale), a Balticon, and in 2005 chaired - he hopes - his last convention: Capclave. He also has a small press - Old Earth Books -  that in 2009 won the World Fantasy Award for publishing Howard Waldrop.
Jeff Warner JeffWarner stands accused of: being a President of the SF Forum, of conduct remotely responsible for the death of Lastcon, of inventing "Panel in the Pool" for Pi-con, of running the Nexus at Arisia many times, of not being JeffMach, of accepting 'field promotions' at various WorldCons, of having been a "Special Assistant" to the Shirt & Pants of Lunacon, of being a published writer.
David Weingart Dave spends way too much time sitting on airplanes and in hotel rooms.  Despite that, he goes to cons, filks incessantly and is the proud parent of a First Class Boy Scount AND an Eagle Scout
Andrew Wheeler Andrew Wheeler was Senior Editor of the SF Book Club until the great purge of 2007, and now works as a Marketing Manager in an obscure, non-SF corner of publishing. He was a judge for the 2005 World Fantasy Awards, and the 2009 Eisner Awards. He blogs at, reviews graphic novels for REALMS OF FANTASY and, and has been known to review and blog elsewhere.
Alex Wittenberg Alex Wittenberg (also known in some circles as Simon DelMonte) is a long-time member of comic book fandom, an avid filker, and an unrepentant (old school) Trekkie.  This is his 12th Lunacon.
Batya Wittenberg Batya tends to write funny and serious filksongs in roughly equal measure, mostly to pre-existing tunes, although in the past few years she has begun to write her own music as well. She enjoys improvising vocal harmonies in open filk circles, and indeed has a habit of doing so unconsciously at other times as well. She is a founding member of the intercontinental filk group Lady Mondegreen, and a card-carrying Ose Bunny.
Lew Wolkoff Lew Wolkoff attended his first convention, Lunacon, in 1968.  Yes, that was over 40 years ago. He's been active in fandom ever since, attending over 20 Worldcons, and doing any number of things.
Ben Yalow Ben Yalow has been to over 700 cons, and worked on about a third of them, including most of the Worldcons for the last three decades. He's edited four NESFA Press publications, two of which were nominated for the Hugo Award.
Edward X. Young Edward X. Young is an actor who has also created special make-up effects for the independent horror features "The Green Monster" & "The Eaters,” & plays the role of android creator Dr. Light in the fan feature "Megaman." Ed has just completed the feature film “Emerging Past,” the short feature “Zombies! Everywhere!” & “Mold!”  He currently works as an actor & special effects make-up artist.
Shara Zoll Shara Zoll is the Project Director for  A native Bostonian, she was introduced to fandom and Boskone at the impressionable (and defenseless) age of four.  Despite a perfectly respectable master’s degree in Linguistics she has pursued a career in Web development and after gigs with Scientific American and the New York Times, it seems only fated that she should end up with Syfy.

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