Help make a difference in someone’s life.

Bring your unused or unwanted USB flash drives to Lunacon this year and drop them at the SOLA collection table. All the drives that are collected will be sent over to Kabul to help women of all ages gain a voice.

For more information on the SOLA organization and cause, visit:

What is SOLA?

SOLA’s goal is to prepare the very best Afghan students for study in the United States and abroad so that they can return home and be the future leaders of Afghanistan.


The future of Afghanistan lies in its leadership.  SOLA is working to create those leaders. They are the hope for an educated, progressive and prosperous future. They are being imbued with a sense of service and commitment to their people. They will come home to prosper in every sense of the word – as Afghanistan’s leaders in both the private and public sectors.


Placing returned graduates in leadership positions in Afghanistan is an essential component of SOLA’s mission. Through established connections and the reputation of SOLA in Afghanistan, the doors to leader­ship positions are open to these highly capable students.


Many of (the) students and women writers, especially outside of Kabul, cannot get to an Internet cafe due to security considerations.  A laptop at home and a jump drive would allow them to write their pieces, and then ask a male relative to send the work at an Internet cafe.


- Ted Achilles

Founder of SOLA (School Of Leadership, Afghanistan)

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